Prague, October 25, 2019
GREYCORTEX, developer of the MENDEL solution for network traffic analysis, held its first ever GREYCORTEX DAY conference at the Angelo Hotel in Prague on October 24, 2019. The conference current and relevant information in the field of cybersecurity, procedural and legal aspects of network traffic monitoring, as well as research and development news, presented by independent experts as well as experts from companies such as ICZ, ELAT, ANECT, HiLASE and GREYCORTEX.
Intended for information security managers, IT specialists, security monitoring service providers, the conference was attended by nearly 100 IT professionals, both potential customers and current MENDEL users, as well as GREYCORTEX partners.
Attendees were welcomed by GREYCORTEX CEO Petr Chaloupka, as well as journalist and moderator Milan Loucký, who guided guests throughout the conference. “We want to show how easy it is for attackers to exploit the weaknesses of systems and tap into sensitive data from companies and public organizations. Above all, you will see how MENDEL prevents such risks and meet key people who are working to develop our technology,” said Chaloupka.
The participants of the conference were most interested in demonstrations of real threats and a live demonstration of information systems attack by Viktor Otčenášek, a security architect from ICZ, which was followed by a presentation from  Michal Šrubař about how such an attack would be identified in an environment monitored by MENDEL.
You can get to know GREYCORTEX more on or on LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube.

MENDEL is a network traffic analysis tool which uses advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis to detect hidden threats and misconfigurations, provide full visibility into your network and conserve resources. In addition to providing security against attacks and malicious codes, MENDEL also strengthens network stability, network speed and performance. MENDEL complements existing security tools and can be easily integrated with them to reduce response time to stop attacks.

About GREYCORTEX s.r.o.
GREYCORTEX s.r.o. was founded in 2016. It was created as a technology buy-out by its founding team. The company’s goal is to apply progressive technologies to ensure the security of computer networks against modern advanced threats. Its core solution is the MENDEL network traffic analysis tool. Since 2018 GREYCORTEX has expanded its operations and opened offices in Japan and Poland. GREYCORTEX was selected as the first Czech company to participate in the EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program and in 2018 was finalist for the EY Cybersecurity Trophy. GREYCORTEX has more than 10 years of experience in developing security products for network protection, machine learning research, artificial intelligence, and their successful practical applications.


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