Critical Systems Not Secure



Primary Detection:

Network visibility shows vulnerable communication

Risk of Breach:

High; due to unsecured device and communication within the network

A rapidly growing E-shop deployed MENDEL onto their network. While they intended to use MENDEL for its security features, they discovered that it was just as benefi cial for network visibility. MENDEL provides full visibility over the monitored network. MENDEL identified unencrypted communication from the network to critical services which were stored in the cloud. The IT team – which doubled as the network security team for the E-shop – was able to implement encryption and thus secure this sensitive data.

The lack of visibility experienced by the E-shop’s IT/Network security team is a common problem for many teams, who need to identify the all of the devices running on the network at any given time – a lack of information which creates exploitable gaps in a network’s security.

MENDEL provides full visibility into the devices on the monitored network, including every individual device, be it a network hardware component, laptop, or a BYOD or IOT device that joins the network for a short period. This visibility includes the communication protocols the devices use to communicate, as well as the ability to decrypt encrypted communication with provided key. MENDEL also identifies the communications peers of these devices, which is not only effective for identifying where infected devices are communicating, but in creating network dependency maps or finding misconfi gurations in the network – all of which lead to more effective and efficient security.